Christmas goodies….

One of my favorite online sites to visit is Pinterest.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a virtual cork board of sorts, where you “pin” things you like from all over the internet.  You find all kinds of things from crafts to make, to photos you like, to cool gadgets you must have.

With Christmas right around the corner, I found this recycled bow tutorial just in time!

And what’s a gift without gift tags?!  I didn’t find all of these on Pinterest, but check out these super cool printable tags.  Maybe I’ll take back all the sticker tags I just bought today and print these instead!

tags from found via this blog along with lots of other cute tags!


these gorgeous babies are from Jones Design Company.  You have to sign up and they will send you the pdf.


I have to include these super cute owl gift tags from My Owl Barn!


I’m loving these sweet tags from Sass & Peril (found via The Bakery Spot)


I found these via Flourish


And, finally…How cute are these hand drawn designs from Raggedy Scrappin’?  The kids would love to color some tags to stick on presents!


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