Random Post Friday…

Apparently I’m not very good at this whole blogging thing.  I feel like I have a lot I want to say and then I sit down to write a post and….*crickets*.  So in an attempt to actually post something I figured I’d just go with a bunch of randoms…

Random #1

I just love taking my computer into the Mac “Geniuses” where they wipe my HD completely clean only then to realize that apparently it’s not a HD problem.  What?!  Yes, I have a back-up, but what a PITA it’s going to be to get all of my programs re-installed.  :o/  And because a blog post needs pics, here’s one I thought was appropriate for this specific random…

Random #2

I had to have my blood taken again today.  Apparently my last test showed I was low on iron so we’re testing again.  I used to really hate getting my blood drawn, but after having two babies and other various procedures that scare me more…having my blood drawn seems like a walk in the park!

Random #3

I’m slightly obsessed with this amazing kettle corn I got at Whole Foods the other day.  Other than the kids having 1 serving each, I ate the entire bag!  It is so freaking good!

Random #4

I’m not happy with this sickness crap I’ve had going on the past couple of weeks.  It’s made me incredibly lazy!

Random #5

I love this time of year and hate it at the same time.  I get so caught up in the have-to’s that I forget to enjoy the warm fuzzies of the holidays.  I’m determined to get Christmas shopping done early so I’m not stressing once Christmas gets closer.  Speaking of Christmas shopping, I decided to take Boo (my 8yo) to Target and make a visual list of all the stuff he liked.  Soooo much better than pen & paper.  😉

Random #6

According to my 3rd grader, we’re the only ones in the school who do not have our tree up yet.  😛

Random #7

We have an elf…his name is Manny.  You’ll be seeing him very soon.  He’s late coming to visit us, but that’s okay, b/c I’ve been known to be late once (twice MAYBE!).  I hope he is still a good boy and doesn’t get into much trouble.  If you have an Elf on a Shelf, you have got to go to the bookstore and read the adult version, Elf off the Shelf!  I found it while we were browsing Barnes & Noble one day, so I sat my hiney on the floor (that’s the best part about browsing the bookstore ya know…plopping yourself on the floor and reading whatever it is you just have to read at that moment) and read the whole thing.  It is hilarious!

Random #8

I watched Water for Elephants & Crazy, Stupid, Love while I was sick this week.  Both were VERY good!  Crazy, Stupid, Love shows Ryan Gosling ripped and shirtless and it has the super cute Emma Stone in it…nuff said…go watch it…now!  Water for Elephants was dramatic and hard to watch at times, but a very good story!

Random #9

A couple weeks ago hubby & I watched the first 2 seasons of Misfits on Hulu.  It made me want to work on my british accent.  The only words I’m any good at are the naughty words like wanker or phrases that won’t be funny or understood when said out of context.  I used to really impress the kids with my fake accents when they were younger, but now they realize how bad I am at them and just laugh at me.  Which is okay.  I laugh at how bad I am too.  😉

Random #10

I was hanging out in iTunes and I found a super cool app called Stachematic.  It detects faces and adds a mustache.  Fun!!

I was anxious to try it out so I just grabbed the first pic that caught my eye on my phone…umm, yeah, sorry to my sweet little niece for giving her a mustache.  lol.  She does look pretty cute with it though.  😉

And when my crazy girl saw what I was doing she was happy to lend her face to the camera. 🙂

K, I think that’s all for the randoms today.  I just installed a WordPress app on my phone so I can blog little snippets whenever I think about it.  Let’s hope it works to keep me active on here.  I won’t be posting many in-depth posts while my computer is in the shop.  Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to fix it!


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