Happy Belated Turkey Day!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving blog world! I hope everyone had a safe & happy holiday. We’re lucky enough to have two awesome places to celebrate Thanksgiving, but unfortunately they’re 2hrs apart so we have to pick just one every year.  This year was Eric’s family in Georgia.  We had a great time!  It had been awhile since everyone had seen the kids so everyone was saying how big they’d gotten.  One of the things about going to GA for a visit is that they boys get to have fun shooting their guns.  They always love that.  I was going to go this year, but I was too lazy from all the yummy food.  From what I hear though, my baby boy was a pretty good shot!  My FIL took a few pics I think so I’ll have to see if I can get a copy.

It was hilarious this year because both Eric & his twin brother are doing Movember.  Movember is something that was started to create awareness for men’s cancer, specifically prostate cancer.  How it works is that on November 1st you start with a fresh shaven face and then you grow a mustache throughout the month.  You create a profile page and people can donate to your stache!  Here’s my hubby’s page if you feel inclined to donate!  It’s a great cause!  www.mobro.co/erichigg  Any donation helps!  🙂

Most everyone thinks he looks creepy or out of character with a mustache, but his grandma was LOVING it!  She just kept saying the whole time how handsome he looked and he better not cut his hair or shave his mustache.  lol.

Here’s a progression from his usual daily look and his current look…he was going for a Tom Selleck stache so he’s been growing his hair a little longer to match the mustache.  Please donate…it will make putting up with this look worth it!  I’m ready for my clean shaven, short haired hubby to be back!

I hope to be blogging more regularly in the coming weeks.  I’ve been a big time slacker these past few days!  Eating whatever I can get my hands on because I need to meal plan and get to the grocery store, but I’ve been too lazy.  As of 5pm last night, my Fitbit said I had only gone 1100 steps.  OMG.  That is horrible.  So since I needed to go to Target and it’s only a little over a mile away, I figured I’d just walk up there.  My girlie & I had a nice little walk up to Target and then grabbed some fridge/pantry necessities (only necessities because, remember, I haven’t done my meal planning yet! :()  Anyways, Eric had to come pick us up because I thought we were going to have too many bags to carry all the way back, but it turned out that the load was pretty doable so I wish we would have just walked back home.  But also, I told Eric we could bring home 5 Guys for dinner if he came to pick us up.  I know, 5 Guys…it’s super bad for you.  If it makes me look any better, I eat my burger with no cheese, I pull off the excess bread and only put ketchup on it and we ordered a regular size fry for the 3 of us to share, which we only ended up eating about 2/3 of.  Good news was that it got my step count up to over 5000 steps.  Yay!  Not a fantastic day, but a mile & a half I wouldn’t have walked otherwise, so I’ll take it.  😛

I don’t have many pics this time so I’ll post some pics of my comfy skinny jeans I bought the other day.  I have a new obsession I think.  I fought the trend for a long time because I could never find any that didn’t make me look like I was stuffed into a sausage casing.  I finally figured out that I need to look for ones that say they have a curvy fit.  These are my latest wardrobe addition.  Comfy/casual skinnies!  They are Silver brand and the jean material is SO soft.  Bonus is that I tried on my usual size and I ended up going down a size because of their curvy fit!  Gotta love that!

* I bought the jeans at Dillards, but this is the brand/style, Silver Suki Skinny.  The top is the Button Bateau Sweater from The Limited.


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