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The rabbit hole

One glimpse of the white rabbit…

that’s all it takes for me to go tumbling down the rabbit hole and get lost for hours

It started with a pin for business branding…

that lead to “how would I want my branding to look if I were back in business?”

which lead to “I need to brand my blog better because I don’t love how it looks”

which lead to brainstorming new blog names because not only do I not love my blog look, but I’ve never been in love with the name either

which then lead to the purchase of a domain name + website hosting + searching for a blog template

I got lost for several hours down that damn rabbit hole, but I’m excited to show you

Change is scary and uncertain, but…




Turnin’ this dreary day around…

It’s looks like this outside today…


and to make matters worse, my hair is so oily I have to hide it under a hat (because I’m too lazy to wash it :P)


Considering the weather and my hair, I contemplated snuggling under a blanket and reading all day


but I also decided I didn’t want a dreary mood to go with this dreary day, so I brightened up my day by painting my nails a summery coral color (Essie // enuf is enuf),


then I got dressed in my favorite rain boots, drank a hot cup of java from my favorite mug and hung out with my sweet Lucy!


To top it off, when I hopped in the car to get lunch, “Happy” by Pharrell was blasting through my speakers. I’d say the universe agrees with my plan to turn this dreary day into a (internally) sunny one. 😉

Hope your hump day was as sunny as mine!

Because everything tastes better in a Vitamix

*drumroll please*

I am now the proud new owner of this gorgeous Vitamix!


I’ve been using my faithful Ninja blender (which I never had any complaints about!) for a couple of years now

But, I always had a twinge of the “i-want’s” whenever I saw recipes that used a Vitamix

For probably a little over a year I’ve been coveting this beast of a machine, but I always told myself that it was way more machine than I needed and I don’t use a blender near enough to justify the cost, blah, blah, blah.

You know, all the responsible stuff you’re supposed to tell yourself when debating a big purchase

*insert Amex rewards fairies*

My American Express points had recently been burning a serious hole in my pocket and after drooling over the Vitamix for the millionth time, it suddenly dawned on me that I might have enough points to buy one!

Turns out I had just enough! While researching different models, I ran across a blogger who said that everything taste better when blended with her Vitamix.  I laughed and thought it was a bit overkill, but that didn’t keep me from using it as an example of why I needed one when telling my husband that I was going to order it (even though he didn’t care what I bought).

7-10 days later, my new BFF arrived on my doorstep!

Let me tell you, I am definitely drinking the kool-aid! The first thing I made was almond milk.  My husband uses it in his cereal in the morning and I use it in my smoothies so I was excited to make my own. Holy cow.  The Vitamix was scary powerful and grinded the shiz out of those almonds!  However, as much fun as it was to pulverize some almonds, I came to the realization that for me, it was too much work to do for the milk to expire in a few days. Plus, my husband prefers the consistency of the store bought milk. A fact that almost had him sleeping on the couch!

I mean, “hello, I just soaked premium almonds for 8hrs, blended the bajeezies out of ’em, separated the “milk” from the almond meal by squeezing it through a specially bought nut sack (yes, a nut sack!) and you’re telling me that you prefer the store bought processed crap over my freshly-squeezed-made-with-love almond milk?! You take it back right now mister!”

After I calmed down though, I accepted that the store bought and homemade did indeed taste a little different and deep down, I’m kinda glad he didn’t like the fresh one better. Otherwise he would have had me making this stuff every few days and then it would have resembled work and taken all the fun out of it! 😛

DSCF2427-Edit copy

I haven’t used the blender a ton yet.  I need to tackle a soup or something big, but last week I made my first smoothie in her (yep, she’s a her. That may be a little sexist of me, but she just seems like a her). Um, all I can say is…that blogger chick was NOT lying when she said EVERYTHING tastes better in a Vitamix!  I used to love the consistency of the smoothies in my Ninja.  I never had a problem with big chunks or anything and I still think it did a decent job, but, wow, the smoothness and melding of flavors from the Vitamix was uh-mazing!

I know it doesn’t look very appealing, but here it is before blending.  Before you ask, YES, it was delicious!  Tasted like an orange creamsicle!

photo 3

I threw in…1/2 avocado, 1-1.5 cups orange juice, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder and a dash of honey


As if you needed more of a reason to own a Vitamix…during my research of the different models I found the holy grail of selling points. Did you know that to clean the blender, you just put warm water with a few drops of dish soap and blend it for 60sec?! What?! Yes, my friends, it is indeed as awesome as you are imagining. If you ever thought about buying one, DO IT! You won’t regret it!

And just because it’s half “OMG” and half “Whoa, I can’t believe it blended that”, check out one thing that may taste better in a Vitamix, but you probably shouldn’t drink it.  😉

Stitch Fix Review #2


Happy Valentine’s Day to me!  I was excited to get my second Stitch Fix shipment yesterday and it did not disappoint! Conveniently, I was all showered and ready to play dress up when my box arrived.


Colors & patterns galore!  There was only one piece I wasn’t immediately drawn to, but we’ll get to that in a sec. 🙂


Let’s get started!

Tart Yusuf Embellished Shoulder Striped Top, $58


Initial impression: Ooooh, navy stripes! Mama likey!

Thoughts: At first glance I was super excited about this shirt. It had some bling on the shoulders so it was different than any of my other striped shirts. I was a little leery about the thin shoulder pads that were under the bling, but after trying it on, I barely noticed the pads.

Ultimately: Sending back. Sadly, this shirt was a little snug and not quite long enough.

<<<<<  >>>>>

41Hawthorn Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse, $58


Initial impressions: Oh no, gauzy material shirt again. Not sure about this one, but I’m willing to keep an open mind.

Thoughts: I liked the color and the interesting details. The sleeves are very unique and I thought the shirttail hemline was flattering on me. When I first slipped it over my head I was worried it was going to be a little tight, but once I got it on all the way, it was a perfect fit!

Ultimately: Keeping! I don’t have anything like this in my closet and the fit combined with unique details, make it a WINNER!

<<<<       >>>>>

Sanctuary Rizzo Skinny Ponte Pants, $88


Initial impressions: Meh, black pants. With my luck they probably won’t fit.

Thoughts: Sorry for showing you my buttocks up there, but I wanted to show that the pants have fake pockets so they look like jeans (click photo to make bigger), but they are comfortable like leggings. The material is quite thick so there’s no sheerness to it at all. They’re a teensy bit long, but they can easily be hemmed or rolled up (please ignore my uneven roll job above. :P).

Ultimately: Keeping. The cost was a bit on the high side, but I could tell that they were good quality and they fit me like a glove! I foresee these being worn a LOT.

<<<<       >>>>>

Lily Josefina Knit Chevron Pencil Skirt, $68


Initial impressions: This skirt was the one thing that I was not feeling at all, but I reserved complete judgement until I tried it on.

Thoughts: It’s made of a stretchy material so it’s very comfy to wear, but not only was I not digging the print or the color, it was a little longer than I like and maybe just a smidgen too big.

Ultimately: Sending back

<<<<       >>>>>

41Hawthorn Lara Bicycle Print Infinity Scarf, $36


Initial impressions: The first thing to catch my eye. Great color & print!

Thoughts: It’s a light weight summer scarf and the bicycle print is to.die.for! I super duper duper love it, BUT…I’m not a summer scarf girl and I’m just not sure how often I’ll wear it.

Ultimately: Sending back. This one actually makes me really sad to send back. I haven’t packed it up yet so I may still decide to keep it. I don’t know that I can part with these adorable bicycles! Thoughts? Yay/Nay?  Am I crazy to love it so much?  Update: I begrudgingly sent it back. 😦

<<<<       >>>>>

SO, there you have it! The unboxing of my second Fix.  I thought it was amusing that the two items that I wasn’t sure about were the ones I ended up loving and keeping. Which is why I love Stitch Fix!  I get to try on pieces that I wouldn’t normally have tried on before.

Just to refresh your memory…


  1. Sign up and fill out your online profile/questionnaire
  2. Schedule your Fix ($20)
  3. Wait (impatiently) for your personal style selections to arrive
  4. Play dress up in the privacy of your own home
  5. Decide what you want to keep/send back
  6. Check out! (your $20 Fix fee gets applied to anything you purchase)

Listening to…

I heard this song in a restaurant over the weekend and I am officially obsessed. It is hauntingly beautiful and I was horribly disappointed to find out that I couldn’t get the MP3 version of her album since she’s from Denmark. So, I just hit the buy button on an overpriced copy of the album on eBay, because I love it THAT much.

Enjoy! 🙂

Groundhog Day

Working out with Shaun T and T25…

First I do a little stomping around and whining.

But, eventually I come to terms with having to get it done and I’m all, “Let’s do this!”

photo 1

5 min into my workout…”I hate you, Shaun T.  Stop telling me to focus! No one cares how good Derek’s squats are or that he’s 45!”

photo 3

15 minutes in…”I..can’…anymore…please make it stop!”

photo 4

And when it’s all over…Yuck, sweat is pouring off of me

photo 1

But, I’m done! Yay!

photo 2

It’s like groundhog day…

And every day I have an overwhelming urge to junk punch Shaun T…”you know why!!”

Okay, okay, that’s a little harsh.  Seriously, I wouldn’t hurt a fly and I do love Shaun T, but in the middle of these torture sessions, it’s probably best for everyone to just keep their distance from me.  😉